A Letter from our director

Dear Neighbor:  

Thank you for stopping in to learn more about Citizen Science Community Resources. We were founded to empower citizens to fight for their environment, after using citizen science to fight against Tonawanda Coke. 

When it became clear that the company was back to its old tricks, pluming thick clouds of dangerous particulate matter into our air and wracking up fines for pollution, we took action by asking folks to post photos on social media. Our efforts made a difference. The government used these photos in the prosecution of the company. However, we cannot remain idle and need help to restore our environment to safety. You can support our efforts here. 

Our organization is committed to using science-based activism and organizing to win environmental justice campaigns. We believe science is for everyone and are working to do that by bringing citizen science and our toolkits into libraries. I invite you to join us and invest in our work.

In service, 

Jackie James-Creedon
Executive Director