Keep up with us as we journey to empower our neighbors and foster environmental health. 

Soil sampling and Toolkit


Citizen Scientists in Tonawanda started testing their soil in 2012 because they were concerned about possible contamination due to the many nearby factories. They tested high exposure areas such as gardens and play areas and discovered elevated levels of certain toxins in some areas. Today, we continue to share our knowledge with folks interested in testing their own yard for environmental toxins.  We've put together a open source citizen science soil sampling toolkit for communities in WNY to borrow, build or buy! We’re looking for community partners in neighborhoods closest to the shuttered Tonawanda Coke site.

EnVironmental Science & Health Education CTR

CSCR’s Center is housed within the Philip Sheridan Building in Tonawanda, NY

CSCR’s Center is housed within the Philip Sheridan Building in Tonawanda, NY

In 2016 , in collaboration with the University at Buffalo soil and health studies, we established a “Center” to support the projects and community. As part of the court ordered projects, we surveyed communities most impacted by Tonawanda Coke emissions to see what folks wanted in our “Community Center”. The top three programs that folks chose are: 1. A Citizen Science lending library (Air, soil, and water toolkits), 2. Youth education 3. Environmental health classes and education. Today, we are working to bring these programs to the community.


Students as Citizen Scientists 

Our youth education program gives K-12 students hands-on experience gathering samples in the field. Student participants help to empower Western New York communities in protecting their environment.